In a report published in 2016, experts at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, UK, estimated that one in five species of plant was threatened with extinction.


In India we have more than 17,000 flowering plants and 8,000 medicinal plants. 


In Tamil Nadu alone we have 4,850 indigenous plants species. 


In a survey, conducted in 2013 by Barometer on public awareness of biodiversity,  India ranked lowest of the 11 countries surveyed.

GREENS was set up to address these challenges at a local level through a unique mix of conservation and education

Our Aims

To develop a world class modern biodiversity sanctuary with a variety of plant displays and gardens.


Innovative interpretation to inspire children and adults to explore and understand conservation and other environmental issues such as water and climate change.


The main model of communication will be the movement of the Eco-club school network which, as has been demonstrated, influences the wider community.

Our Themes

The GREENS project has three main themes:

  • Education and interpretation, focused around schools
  • Education and entertainment, focused around domestic tourists
  • Education and demonstration, focused around farmers’ and women’s groups.

the garden sanctuary will provide a living model to inform, inspire and influence