GREENS Executive Director - Mr Alexander Amirtham

Alexander Amirtham, founder and Executive Director of GREENS, is a botanist and environmentalist with more than twenty years of professional experience in conservation and environmental education in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, South India.  He has worked extensively with NGOs, schools, government agencies and as a volunteer at Albury Botanic Garden, Australia.


Alexander is a postgraduate in Botany with B.Ed.  He has International Diplomas in Plant Conservation Techniques and in Botanic Gardens Management from the Royal Botanic Gardens,  Kew, UK.  He has visited gardens in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, China and USA.


His areas of expertise and interest include Environmental Education and Outdoor Education for school students and teachers.  He is passionate about making a difference to learning through the use of different senses and believes that giving young people an experience of the wild can make a positive impact on their lives.


Between 1993 – 2002, he established a genetic garden for endangered species and medicinal plants.  He has designed and launched Eco-club initiatives in forest schools in the foothills of the Western Ghats.  He then successfully established more than seventy-five Eco-clubs in six districts of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.  He has shared his Eco-club experience at international congresses and with international botanic gardens.


Alexander has extensive experience in developing education programmes including garden-based programmes and three-day forest nature camps.  He launched and acted as Managing editor for a children’s newsletter Eco’s Echo.


He has served as Honorary Wildlife Warden, Ministry of Environment and Forest in Karur district, Tamil Nadu.