The Story So Far

Phase One

The first phase of GREENS has been to establish the Nursery and Demo Garden.

This is where we began in July 2014.

GREENS now has a collection of more than 400 indigenous plant varieties including trees, climbers, creepers, tubers, food plants and medicinal plants.

The Food Garden: Traditional local varieties are known to be highly nutritional and resistant to Climate Change.  GREENS has  successfully cultivated a range of traditional food crops which have been in danger of disappearing including varieties of paddy, minor millets and heirloom vegetables.  Now we are  sharing seeds with farmers and other growers.

Adothoda vasica - medicinal plant flower with pollinating beetle
Adothoda vasica - medicinal plant flower with pollinating beetle

Medicinal Plants:   80% of the world's population depends on herbal plants as a primary source of healthcare.  GREENS has begun the cultivation of a range of herbal plants but there is still a great deal more to do to harness local knowledge about their use.

Forest Garden:  The forest is the basis for life.   The importance of the forest is poorly understood.  GREENS Forest Garden with examples of 4 different forest eco-systems emphasises the critical importance of the forest to all life.

While the garden is still only in its infancy it is already attracting a range of local wildlife.

It is time now to begin Phase Two where the plants will be reorganised into new displays ready to begin education programmes with local schools later this year.